Great Lakes Alfalfa

Alfalfa dried to perfection

Huge land farm

Get paid for your land

by letting us plant and grow alfalfa in it.

Do you have extra land

that you don't use?

By renting out your land to Great Lakes Alfalfa, you can increase your acreage while receiving extra money in the process. It's a win-win process for everyone involved. Call us today to inquire about all that our land renting entails.

We do the work while you get paid

We don't take the nutrients from your soil

By renting your land to us, you may worry that you'll also have to grow the alfalfa for us. Thankfully, you won't have to worry about this because our crew comes on a regular basis to fertilize, dry or cut the alfalfa to meet our standards. Sit back, relax and accept your hefty paycheck from helping out Great Lakes Alfalfa.

In the process of our alfalfa, making you won't even have to deal with us stealing the nutrients from your soil. Through the use of our aggressive fertilizing method and lime program, your land won't be eroded away by row crops and any nutrients mined will always be put back into your soil.

Our alfalfa making company has over 72 years of combined experience.

Allow us to rent your land while you make a profit.



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