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Contract farming can not only boost your profit, but it also takes the risk out of your operation. With access to our contract farming, you can grow your own alfalfa the easiest way with Great Lakes Alfalfa talking you through the whole process.

What is contract farming?

Trust in our expertise

Contract farming is a very simple process which allows the farmer to contract land to Great Lakes Alfalfa on a 3-4 year basis and get paid for just putting the crop in the ground. Our expert team will even physically come in and harvest the crop each cutting and, after it is dried, you will be paid within 10 days of the harvest of each crop.

The concept of our contract farming services is built around you, trust us to help you step-by-step. With over 72 years of combined experience in the alfalfa industry, you know that the fate of your crop is in great hands. Call Great Lakes Alfalfa now to get started on your contract farming.

Have any questions? Please contact us for pricing and more information.

Get some extra cash with the use of our contract farming service.



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