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When you purchase a bale of alfalfa from our professional staff, you have access to our multiple bale size options. This ensures that you get the exact amount you need and when you need it. Call Great Lakes Alfalfa to place your alfalfa order.

What's Different?

Nutritional Value

  • Superior consistency & quality

  • Dried to perfection

  • 13% moisture

  • Green & fresh as the day it was cut

  • Excellent leaf retention

  • Long stem

  • Soft palatable feed

  • Purely natural

  • No preservatives!

  • Protein 24-26%

  • RFQ, RFV 200-270

  • Retains all vitamins & minerals

  • TDN Values - 65 and up

You deserve the best and that's exactly what we offer.

Call us to choose your ideal bale option.



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Bale Sizing

44 lbs - Compressed Bales:

Palleted for consumer sales.

Sold individually and has carrying handles for convenience.

850 lbs - Compressed Sleeve Bales:

For international sales.

(43" W x 45" L x 34" H)

1500 lbs - 6 String Bales:

Large square bales for domestic farm use.

(3' x 4' x 7.5' High Density)

Large Volumes

We offer large "Lots" of the same feed allowing you to keep feed rations the same rather than constantly changing them.


Due to large international volumes we are able to offer affordable freight rates for the overseas clients.