Great Lakes Alfalfa

Alfalfa dried to perfection


Alfalfa dried to perfection

and as green as the day it was cut.

Have access to alfalfa made from

the hands of Mother Nature

If you own a farm or piece of land where alfalfa is needed, then you should look no further than the experts at Great Lakes Alfalfa. We have the resources and the skills to create the best alfalfa product you've ever laid your eyes on.

Alfalfa Dried To Perfection!

Great Lakes Alfalfa has 72 years of combined experience in the alfalfa industry. We continue to further the transition from traditional alfalfa drying to the quality alfalfa processing plants of the future, quickly bringing the freshest and highly nutritional alfalfa from the field, to the factory farm, and to the world market!

Our geothermally dried alfalfa has many features that no other company can offer. Our purely natural drying process does not allow the sun's rays to remove any natural, nutritional features from the final product. The plant's chlorophyll stays 100% intact, retaining the natural vitamins and proteins.

Put your trust in a company with over 72 years of combined experience.

Order your alfalfa today to have it shipped to your location.



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Our process is completely different from the traditional way of making hay, and is used as more than just basic alfalfa feed, but as raw protein, dry matter, TDN and highly digestible energy, which can replace most soybean meal purchases reducing your feed budget.

No other alfalfa subsitute can replace the dry matter that this product has, and therefore allows the farm to reduce other purchases and just purchase this product.