Great Lakes Alfalfa

Alfalfa dried to perfection


Get more from your alfalfa

when you invest in a mix or blend.

Trust in us to create an alfalfa

mix that no one else can

Do you want more from your alfalfa? Request an order of an alfalfa that can be grown in many different mixtures or blends that will easily helps to meet and even exceed your expectations. Call Great Lakes Alfalfa today to get your hands on our sought after products.

Our alfalfa mixes

Shipping available

- Alfalfa/Timothy

- Alfalfa/ Orchard Grass

- Alfalfa/ Fescue

- Pure Timothy

- Timothy/Orchard

Leave all the hard work to us while you get to sit back and relax. With our many shipping options, you can get your alfalfa mix exactly when you want it and in the quantity you need it. We have access to transportation options such as freight trucks, railroads and even vessel/containers.

Why wouldn't you want to work with a company with over 72 years of combined experience?

Is your land ready for our alfalfa mix?



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