Great Lakes Alfalfa

Alfalfa dried to perfection

The best alfalfa available.

Premium alfalfa superior to industry standards

Quality, consistency and color


With our 72 combined years of experience in the alfalfa industry, we know what it takes to make great alfalfa and what can create problems. Mother Nature plays a huge role in our climate and the quality of the alfalfa as it is being made. Well, Great Lakes Alfalfa has the ability to take mother nature out of the equation and provide a product that is fresh, appears wet, dried to perfection, no preservatives, consistent through every bale, and is as green as the day it was cut.

We ship our product to you

Over 72 years of combined experience in the alfalfa industry

Alfalfa can be hard to ship, especially when it's in bulk. Allow us to handle all the hard work by shipping your purchase to you via freight truck, railroad, shipping vessel/containers or simply picking the product up from the plant.

Great Lakes Alfalfa is a company that focuses on Quality, Consistency, Color, and most of all producing a product that is superior to the industry standard. Great Lakes Alfalfa will be setting a new standard in the Alfalfa industry as far as what is premium alfalfa, and where the nutritional values should be on quality alfalfa.

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